Hello! I'm Kevin Nilsson

Software/Game Developer & Student

"What's the object-oriented way to become wealthy?";

About Me

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Here you can find all the software, games, mods and other stuff I've created. I'm only one man, so don't expect there to be a lot, but I may have gotten some help on miscellaneous projects, proper credits have been given to those who helped me of course, it would be rude if I didn't!



Mediafire | adf.ly

This is the first game I've ever created in Love2D, it's a simple game where you catch mushrooms. Nuff' said.



Mediafire | adf.ly

This is what you expect it to be, a spambot, it basically types the message you've inputted, then simulates an "enter" keypress. How it's used is not my problem.


Mediafire | adf.ly

This is a project made for ComputerCraft, so that those who play on servers and don't have access to HTTP can simply use this program to get the program they want in-game. Only problem is that it exits the edit program in-game.

Current Projects

@World, Hello!


A cyberpunk survival game focused on programming.